Shanghai dating

shanghai datingIt is interesting to know that casual dating, so wide-spread in the Western world, doesn’t exist in China. Chinese girls don’t believe in casual dating even in such Westernized cities as Beijing and Shanghai. For the most of Chinese girls a second or a third date will mean a serious intent on men’s side leading to marriage in the nearest future. Only 38% percent of the whole Shanghai women population doesn’t agree on meeting and marrying only one man in their life.

If a Shanghai girl tells you she likes you, loves or misses you, you need to bear in mind that it has a much greater and significant sense than in the Western world. In most of the cases such phrases mean she has chosen you as her future husband.
Chinese girls will only tell their parents about the man they are meeting if they are serious about him. If one day you learn her parents are aware of your existence, it means she views your relationship as stable and permanent one. Meeting girl’s parents in China is equivalent to announcing of the engagement in the Western countries. So, if you don’t intend to marry a Shanghai girl, by all means avoid seeing her parents.

Though virginity has lost its ancient meaning and value in the Western world, it still means a lot in China. As statistics shows, 83% of Chinese women in age range from 18 to 29-years old are still virgins. So, if only you are truly serious about your Chinese girl or you are 100 % sure she is interested in you for some benefits, it is better to avoid any sort of physical intimate relationship with her. It is strongly recommended to be completely honest about your intentions from the very beginning in the relationship with a Shanghai girl in order to avoid all sorts of misunderstandings and even troubles in future. The best rule to follow is to treat Chinese omen with the same respect, dignity and honesty as you would want your close women to be treated with.

If you come to China you can get acquainted with women from Shanghai.

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