Valenzuela Philippine women: welcome to exotic romance

What to expect from a Valenzuela woman? If you're planning a trip to the Philippines to meet a lady from online dating, prepare for a completely different experience from what you're expecting. You can never be sure that the woman is actually going to meet you at all! Some women don't even show up, and it's so frustrating. If you're planning to date a real Valenzuela Philippine woman, prepare for some rather surprising facts about these women: 

1. They find foreigners extremely handsome, so prepare for some praise and delighted looks. Even if you're not confident about your appearance and probably had a negative experience in your own country, Filipina ladies will surely find you super beautiful simply because you're a foreigner. 
2. There's a stereotype that all Filipina girls are gold diggers and they only praise foreign men because they're wealthy. Of course, every girl needs a man that can keep a roof over her head but he doesn't exactly need to be rich. There's so much more about relationships that Filipina girls are concerned about. Even if in the beginning she hopes that he can give her a better life, without love a Filipina woman will not build any relationships. They don't really care about a man's age, race or money, what really matters are affection and love. 

How to win a Filipina woman's heart? 

1 First of all, note that Filipina girls are very family-oriented. They're expecting decent courtesy and mutual respect rather than a one-night stand type of relationships. A woman's family plays a great n the final decision-making, so you better introduce yourself as soon as possible and earn their trust and respect.
2 Moreover, apart from mom, dad, and probably siblings, a woman may have a huge amount of more distant family members which might even live in the neighborhood. But don't be afraid, the Philippine people are very friendly and easy-going, so a good part of blending with her family is getting together for fun parties and feasts.
3 Have confidence. It's always a number 1 piece of advice. You must believe that you may have any girl you desire. Trust in yourself and just go for. It's super easy to find a date in the Philippines, but it takes much confidence and commitment to win the right woman.
4 Always take responsibility. Filipina girls like men who can take charge and stay confident in any situation. They like to feel safe and protected, so provide her with that feeling and enjoy a lot of benefits she will definitely want to give you in return.
5 Most of Filipina girls are very religious and the majority of them are Catholics and Christian. Being very sensitive people by nature, they're really devoted to their religion, so you have to respect and accept it without making fun or joking on that topic. It's good if you both share the same religion, it will help you to find more things to discuss and feel closer to each other. 
6 The Filipina girls are famous for their natural singing talent. They rock all the singing TV shows and often have karaoke on their houses or neighborhood. If you want to wow your Filipina girl, just serenade her or treat her some singing experience. If you can sing well, it gives you a great chance to win your woman's heart. 
7 Apart from singing, probably only food can turn on Valenzuela Filipina women. These girls are excellent cooks, and every family event turns out to a real feast. Their food is well-balanced and healthy, so they can eat a lot and stay slim. If you're a good cook as well, you can prepare a delicious dinner for your girl and her family so you can earn their trust and respect.

 All in all, Philippine women are very easy-going, humble and respectful. They always listen to their husbands' opinion and obey when it's necessary. They are very submissive in a good way because traditionally they're taught that the man is the head of the family. It gives you many advantages, but also it's a great responsibility. You need to take care of your woman, provide her with a quality life, love and affection. In return, you'll get a loyal, passionate woman who'll give you the ticket to anything you've ever dreamed of...

But don't get it wrong. Despite being very humble and quiet, Filipina women will defend her family till the very end. If she ever catches you on cheating, you won't get away with it so easily. She definitely won't just pack her stuff and leave, she'll try to fight for her family and what belongs to her, which is you. If you avoid jealous girls, Filipina women from Valenzuela aren't your fantasy princesses. They key to your woman's heart is respect, honesty, and care for each other. Just be yourself and show her your best sides. She'll definitely appreciate your sincerity and pay back with her exceptional loyalty and love.

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