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Shanghai Girls Shanghai Girls Shanghai Girls

In several last decades Shanghai underwent drastic changes in its infrastructure and in terms of trade and commerce. These changes have affected socials trends and with general increase of wealth of the city and its Westernization it has a great impact on Shanghai girls and women.

Shanghai young women of today can take all the advantages of the higher education and choose prestigious careers that their parents even didn’t dream of. They earn the salaries that are 10 times higher in comparison to those received several decades ago. Shanghai young women like to spend their money on fashionable clothes, bags, accessories, cell phones and shoes. For many of them spending 3 salaries on a designer bag is of no concern.

Many of them look very happy, as if they lead an easy and carefree lifestyle, but deep inside they feel confused and unhappy. Nothing is perfect for them. Most of the Shanghai ladies would tell you a ‘good man’ is very hard to find. A ‘good man’ for them is a man with a house, money, car and a good stable job. ‘No money – no honey’ principle the best applies to denote this current situation.
Looking for a prince from a fairy tale many Shanghai girls just stay at home watching soap operas on TV and dreaming of a ‘rescuer’ from their dreary life. Most of them dream to be ‘housewives’, however, this doesn’t imply household duties, but staying home and not working, while husband will take care of everything. Many Shanghai young women know only how to watch TV and shop and as a rule are very ‘weak’ in terms of cooking.

Many Shanghai girls ‘invent’ stories about their rich boyfriends with fancy cars, fairy-tale like vacations on famous resorts, etc. as it is what is expected from a ‘Shanghai lady’. However, in real life their life can be even less than ordinary. Having led themselves in the frames of perfectionism, it is difficult for ‘trendy’ Shanghai girls to find a man at all.

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