Online dating with hot Thai brides

Hot Thai brides are the most popular girls among men all over the world. They are really passionate and loving creatures, they know how to please a man, thats why Thai girls are so interesting for men. At the website there are a lot of online profiles of these beautiful ladies, it means that if you want to find a perfect wife, go to this online dating platform. Only here you will find not only beautiful brides, but also hundreds of useful tips for dating and family life.

For example, here are some tips how to behave on the first date.

1. For the first date, appoint the place yourself, if the girl has a real interest to you, she will not mind. Choose a day time, and by the way, as a joke, you can offer a children's cafe and ice cream to eat. Look at the reaction, if the girl will appreciate the humor, how she will react, everything is important.

2. When you talk with a girl on the phone, your voice should be cheerful and trusting, this is a chance to continue dating, because girls, in most cases, are also scared as you are.

3. Behave naturally, look at the interlocutor directly, but not provocatively, but with a look of complete trust. The girl will probably be embarrassed at first, but then quickly get used to and get trusted to you, especially if your conversation is fun and interesting. If you want feel comfortable and avoid long pauses, conduct the conversation yourself, as soon as an embarrassing silence sets in, offer her a topic, ask questions. Tell a couple of interesting stories about yourself or friends, do not remember the former in detail, even if she asks you. Say that at the moment you are free, like a bird, all that was - already in the past, and the past is a pleasant memory, but you love to live the present.

4. The first date should be short, not more than an hour. Be sure to find a reason to leave, even if you do not want it at all. At the moment, you are strongly impressed by the meeting, even if you liked everything, you need to calm down and think about everything.

If you do not like the girl, the first ten minutes changed nothing, then it's better to leave, using the phone call of a friend. In advance, ask that  he would call you, with a question, how are you doing. If you do not have a friend, pretend that your mom calls and urgently demands that you come back home. Later, when you already know for sure that this is not your girlfriend and you do not want to see her again, tell her straight and honestly that she's wonderful, but after meeting, you realized that you can not forget your ex. Tell her forgive me, please, good luck to you, bye! and hang up.

5. It is better, of course, before meeting, ask her for a couple of photos, one of them at full height. Then it will be clear from the beginning, if it is necessary to go on a date or not. Look at pictures very carefully. You can see everything on them. How a girl dresses, how much she is neat and so on.

As practice shows, photos are more important than video via Skype. I talked to my loved one on Skype for three months, every day. We could not meet for a long time, because we live in different countries. When we had a meeting, we got to know each other from photos, there is a weak video signal in Skype, plus webcams are also average, so the picture did not correspond to reality, but we were not disappointed, because we initially liked each other from the photo. If a girl can not or does not want to send you her photos, it means that she has complexes because of appearance, or she is married or something else.


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