shanghaiBy population Shanghai is the world largest Chinese city on the globe. The total population of Shanghai is over 23 million of people. The city underwent a very rapid development in several last decades and has turned into a global city – a commercial, cultural, financial, technological, fashionable center of the country, also highly developed in mass-media and transportation.
Shanghai city started its development and gained its importance starting with the 19th century thanks to the favorably located port that is considered nowadays the busiest seaport on earth. From this time Shanghai has never been viewed just as a fishing and textile town anymore. In 1930s the city became a successful commercial center between East and West that later caused its change into a heart center of finance in the world. The decline of the international influence fell on 1949 – a Communist Party takeover. The economic reforms of 1990s caused the re-development of Shanghai and finance and foreign investments recovery for the city.
Today Shanghai is one of the most famous and desired tourist destinations attracted by historical sights such as The Bund, Yuyuan Garden , City God Temple, Pudong skyline and many others.

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